Flying high but down to earth

A dream, an accomplishment

A Company like Real Soft Solutions could only be born out of the enthusiasm and initiative of a group of highly trained young professionals.

Unity is strength

We assembled a multidisciplinary team of specialists in all areas of programming, design and communication. All of them have extensive experience in different areas of the Internet whilst some are experts in tailor-made programming.

Your success is our success

We have the leading-edge technology to provide communications solutions and custom programming.
We can make your work easier by providing quick solutions to your needs so you can effectively focus on your business.
We consult, design, develop and deliver all our services according to your business or personal potential.
We have the resources to cope with businesses of any size. Whether your business is large or small, simple or complex, our products are conceived to meet your highest expectations.

Optimize services with a higher standard

Lower costs, improve timing and reduce the number of processes using the latest technology are the pillars on which we base our work.
We have a vast experience in providing standardized and custom services to a wide variety of industries.

Our high quality standards position us among our industry leading companies, both in Argentina and elsewhere in Latin America. We enhance our knowledge through continuous updating. We are redefining the manner in which business is conducted.
Always seeking to exploit the current technology and its future projection.

Success stories

We have developed mission critical systems for logistics companies all over the Americas.

In Argentina, all most recognized courier companies operate our systems.

Besides we have created innovative solutions for the traveling and tourism sector with excellent results. We cater for the whole industry including travel agencies, airlines, corporate agencies and consolidators.

Check our products out; they are strategically designed to help you reach your customers in a simpler, more convenient manner.

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